Conditional permission to operate Shin Hanul Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 despite the sorrow of "de-nuclear power plant" … 'Commercial Operation Unit 25' to be operated.

Shin Hanul Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 in Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, is expected to operate. With conditional permission for operation on the 9th, it will become 25 commercial-operated nuclear power plants out of four nuclear power plants in Korea.

문재인 정부의 탈원전 정책과 환경단체의 반대 등으로 그동안 운영 허가가 미뤄졌지만, 결국 신한울 1호기의 방치에 따른 막대한 적자 타개와 전력난 해소를 위해 실리를 택한 것으로 분석된다.

However, as a condition for permission for operation, the safety issue of the Operational Catalyst Hydrogen Recombiner (PAR) that has been raised has been attached. In other words, it is conditional approval.


The decision came about eight months after it began deliberation on the operation permit plan. It was first introduced as a committee deliberation and resolution agenda on the 11th of last month, but the conclusion was delayed due to further document review by the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission, which received a report from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. that there was anything to change.


Unlike Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plant No. 4 and Shinwolseong Nuclear Power Plant No. 2, which the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission reported several times from the Korea Atomic Safety and Technology Institute (KINS) and gave permission to operate, Shinwol-Sung Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 has delayed its conclusions 12 times. Criticism has grown every time.


Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum said in an interpellation session in the economic sector held at the National Assembly on the 23rd of last month, "I think there is a problem that we are already sitting on the completion phase of nuclear power plants."

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