Is Private Health Insurance Worth Having?

Many people consider the possibility of contracting private medical insurance that protects their health and that of their family and ensures the most comfortable, fast, and effective healthcare, as well as diagnoses, treatments, analytics, tests, and hospitalization at the moment the one who needs it.

In the US these services are covered by public health, however, its overcrowding, waiting lists, as well as the lack of investment and maintenance of health centers and hospitals, leading many to opt for a health solution private. But, if you can access health services for free, why take out health insurance?

Private healthcare VS public healthcare

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Advantages of Health insurance

The strengths of private healthcare depend on the user since each one gives more importance to some services than to others. Among the advantages of having contracted health insurance, the following can be highlighted :

1. Speed and agility

The time you have to wait to be able to perform diagnostic tests and subsequently obtain results is an average of 8 days, while the same process in public health would take you more than 47.

2. Emergency services

specialized care without long periods in the waiting room

3. Hospitalization

choose in which hospital you want to be admitted and treatedcomfortable and calm

4. Primary and specialized assistance

large number of specialties

choose personally and at all times the doctor

5. Dental care

wide range of dental health care so that your mouth is healthydental insurance 

6. Medical treatments

innovative treatments

7. Public and private health

accessing public health

8. Centers throughout the national territory

go to any outpatient clinic or hospital in the national territory

9. The quality

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