Liver Transplant: A Hope For A Better Future

The liver is the human body’s most important gland. It helps break down protein from food to make it easier for the body to absorb. It is an essential organ, and the body cannot survive without it. In addition, it aids in the digestion and growth of the body.

It is located below the diaphragm on the right-hand side of the abdomen. It also assists with many more metabolism-related activities of the body and is vital for our survival.

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What Leads To Liver Transplant?

The main reasons that lead to anyone needing a liver transplant are -

1.Liver Failure

A patient will require a liver transplant in the case of a liver failure. This can happen for various reasons, and in case of a complete liver failure, a patient will need a liver donor and have to go through the transplant procedure.

2.Liver Cirrhosis

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Alcohol consumption worsens the disease, and many patients affected by this condition are frequent drinkers. In addition, consuming alcohol once diagnosed accelerates the symptoms and must be avoided at all costs.

3.Doctors Recommendation

Doctors may recommend a transplant if they spot any signs of an unhealthy organ. If a patients liver shows signs of impending failure or deterioration, they may recommend the procedure to get ahead of the problem. This only happens in rare cases and has no particular cause, and is usually the case if the patient has a pre-existing liver condition.

How Does The Procedure Work?

In the case of a liver transplant, the patient’s liver is removed from the body and replaced with a healthy liver from a donor’s body. It is quite an ordeal, and the procedure can take 6-12 hours of operation.

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The procedure does take a toll on the patient physically and mentally, and full recovery can take several months. The duration that a patient has to stay in the hospital is also long and takes weeks before the procedure. This is because the operation is of the open type and is quite complex.

However, one has no reason to dismiss a transplant if it is done at a reputed hospital and performed by top doctors with experience.


It is impossible to live with an unhealthy organ, even more so when it is a vital organ like the liver. A patient that gets a liver transplant essentially gets another chance at life. With a healthy liver, the patient can live on for many more years and perform all the daily activities as they used to.

Therefore, a liver transplant does become a hope for a better future for many patients worldwide.

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