What is a Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange is a platform which provides tools and services for traders and investors to Buy Sell digital assets like crypto currencies, forex etc seamlessly and provides with equal opportunities to all stakeholders like traders, investors, exchange business, market makers, liquidity providers to optimize their profits and minimize losses.

Technically Crypto Exchange is a software which provides all the tools and modules for all the parties to carry out and manage their tasks hassle free.

Who needs a Crypto Exchange Software?

1. Someone who wants to run their own crypto exchange

There are people with lots of resources like traders, investors, liquidity provider and want to make the most of it. While people in their network want to trader with someone they trust. Crypto Exchange Software comes handy for such people. While you manage your network and other resources, Crypto Exchange Software could help you bring everything together and create a business that churns money for you every second.

2. Projects with their own tokens

Several tech enthusiasts are coming up with great inspirational ideas and projects (an ICO). Token sale is done and project started but they need to provide a platform where investors and traders could buy sell their tokens freely. This is one must for a token or coin to flourish and generate value for all the stakeholders. But its getting difficult to get coins listed on exchanges as their listing policies are opaque and fee is abysmally high.

Launching your own crypto exchange is much cheaper and better that depending on some third party that keeps on bugging with fear of delisting.

Components Crypto Exchange Software?


Sign Up

· With just an Email

· With detailed Sign Up form


· With Sign Up KYC Form

· With 3rd Party Vendor


· Deposit Options

· Crypto currency



· Crypto-to-crypto

· Crypto-to-fiat and vice versa

Withdrawal Options

· Cryptocurrency



· Currency Pairs

· Charts & Indicators

· Buy-Sell Form

· Order Form

· Positions

Complete Trading Package along with Risk Management Features

We are already providing our Crypto Exchange Software and Solution to several projects and businesses. To get a FREE demo and pricing details,

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