Is an online education, truly helping our kids?

It is widely known that younger children are visual learners. Use of vibrant colour, pictures and videos increase their willingness to read and ability to comprehend information.

Statistically, e-learning platforms are more successful in making younger learners remember information clearly. It has this positive impact on learning because children develop better hand-eye coordination and motor skills. These skills help them to form clearer images and improve their capabilities to solve problems.

There are “n” number of benefits to digital learning such as; flexible timings, unlimited supply of learning resources, and interaction on a global level.

The only draw back being the platform being difficult to navigate through for young children without the assistance from parents. Similarly for teachers, adapting to e-teaching has been difficult in the past.

How Edneed helps solve this problem?

Edneed is a global, digital platform for educators and learnings. With a complete Learning Management System and Website Builder, Edneed is dedicated to making education accessible, and networking in the field of education easier.

As navigating through E-learning platforms can be intimidating, both for traditional teachers who are new to online teaching, as well as young learners. At Edneed, we have dedicated a large chunk of our time in making Edneed user-friendly and simple to navigate without distractions.

Well, If you have less time in figuring out the Best LMS Service Provider for your School, coaching center, university, you may contact edneed for the school management system

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