5 Cute Gifts for Your Next Baby Shower

Thanks to baby registries, picking out a gift for a mother-to-be has been made pretty simple for all baby shower guests. Sometimes you want to create something a little more personal and memorable instead. To make your gift more heartfelt you can choose to craft and make an original creation. If you don't happen to be crafty, you can take items on their registry and put them together in a creative way. Below are 5 extra cute gift ideas for the next baby shower you attend.

1. Custom Baby Blankets

You can really never have too many baby blankets. Not only do blankets get dirty easily with newborn babies, but you need different blankets for different situations. You can ask the expecting mother what the nursery theme is and create matching blankets.

fleece fabric

2. Decorative Diaper Cake


There are many Pinterest tutorials and ideas on how best to do it, but the overall gist is to gather them together into round or square bunches, tie them with ribbon, and create different sized tiers to pair together. Then you can further decorate the "cake" with baby decor or more baby gifts such as pacifiers and small baby toys.

3. Baby Supply Wreath

Another way to purchase items off of the registry and turn them into something special is to fashion them into a wreath. You can take any neutral wreath form and then attach little baby items to it to make a very festive and personalized gift. This can work for both girl and boy baby items.

For girls, you can grab a large supply of different colored and sized bows. Little girls need many bows and the mother can potentially keep the bows stored on the wreath for years to come. For boys, choosing a variety of socks and washcloths to attach to the wreath will work well. Boys are notorious for wearing out socks quickly and they often find themselves playing in the dirt, so the extra washcloths will be excellent to receive.

4. Crocheted Stuffed Animals

Making a crocheted stuffed animal is the ultimate level of cuteness and creativity. Crochet work has made a comeback in style, and the old-fashioned vintage feel always looks incredible in a nursery. Pick an animal that has meaning to the family or that coordinates with the nursery. 

5. Matted Frame for Friends to Sign

This last gift idea isn't necessarily very useful but it will be extremely meaningful to the parents of the child. If you can snag a copy of the mother's most recent ultrasound and place it in a frame with a large mat that would be ideal. If you aren't able to sneak a baby photo, just leave a decorate placeholder for a future photo of the child. 

shower activity

Hopefully, these unique shower ideas will help you determine the perfect baby gift for your friends and family members. A little effort and planning can make the mother-to-be feel truly loved and appreciated. The gifts that have a little more thought put into them always become the most treasured.

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