Of course, we need pharmaceuticals. Sometimes they are clearly the best thing available and save lives. Regarding mental health, they should be the go-to treatment for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Those are biologically based problems.

Drug companies would have you believe that depression and anxiety are simply “chemical imbalances.” So, let’s just add or subtract chemicals in your head, right?  And you can be like the people in the commercials: Running through fields of flowers while a narrator reads off how there is a chance that your organs will explode.

Doctors do want to help but they don’t have the right tools, and most are way too stubborn and arrogant to realize it. For a man-made medication to work it has to tweak this chemical level or that without affecting anything else (that’s what causes side effects) in your body or interacting with any of the other drugs they have been feeding you.

Well-made CBD products involve basically everything in the plant except for THC. So it’s legal and you don’t have to get high. CBD (and marijuana) work by regulating the organ systems in your body. Not just raising or lowering anything. You were born with receptors for this plant because humans evolved with it over thousands of years. You are not naturally equipped with receptors for happiness, or whatever name the marketing department came up with.


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