Guide To Choosing the Best Shower Filter For Your Home

Fluoride Filtration Water Filters

A shower filter is an efficient and effective way of filtering harmful and contaminated bathwater. Several reputed brands offer a wide range of Shower filters at affordable prices. Customers have the freedom to choose from basic to advanced residential water filter as per their needs and budget. Bath water filtercomes in different designs and types with specific contaminant filter cartridges. Selection depends upon the following aspects:

•Type of water source and level of contamination.

•Existing set-up of bathrooms.

•Additional customization as per requirement.

To make things simple, we have listed below some popular types of shower filters:

Vitamin C Shower Filters: Primarily used for removing chlorine and chloramine fluoride. These types of filters can be integrated easily into shower heads.

KDF Shower Filters: An electric charge is created when water flows through the filter.

Consisting of zinc and copper. It significantly neutralizes heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury in water. Generally, a cartridge is directly attached to shower heads for this purpose.

Activated Carbon Filters: These are the most widely used bath water filters. It is effective in filtering a wide range of heavy metals and impurities.

Water Softener filters: It removes hardness from water and makes it safe for skin and hair. It significantly reduces heaviness from water by removing Heavy metals like calcium, magnesium, and iron through the ion exchange process.

While there are plenty of options available, it is advisable to assess the requirement, purpose, and budget before selecting the best shower filter for you.

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