Creative Biostructure Enables Exosome Isolation

Creative Biostructure, a biotech company that specialized in providing cost-effective contract services to both academia and biotech industries in the field of biology and membrane protein technologies, now provides different techniques to isolate exosomes from various sample matrices.

As we know, exosomes are small endosome-derived nanoparticles (50–120 nm in diameter) secreted into the extracellular space by most types of cells. In addition to lipids, the contents of exosomes also include genomic DNA, RNA, and proteins, which are very important. There is accumulating evidence that exosomes have already performed many biological functions, particularly with respect to intercellular communication. More importantly, some exosome-associated proteins and microRNAs are closely related to the pathogenesis of most human diseases as valuable biomarkers for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy. To advance the understanding of exosome biological functions and therapeutic applications, it becomes crucial to specifically isolate exosomes from a wide range of cellular debris and interfering components and then prepare highly defined exosome populations of therapeutic size by appropriate purification techniques.

exosome isolation

Ultracentrifugation-based Isolation Techniques

Ultracentrifugation-based exosome isolation is considered as one of the most commonly used techniques for exosome isolation.

Size-based Isolation Techniques

Creative Biostructure provides the following size-based isolation techniques: ultrafiltration, syringe filter-based rapid fractionation, sequential filtration, size exclusion chromatography, flow field-flow fractionation, hydrostatic filtration dialysis.

Immunoaffinity Capture-based Techniques

The most accurate tool for applying for exosome purification is immunoaffinity.

Exosome Precipitation

Microfluidics-based Isolation Techniques

“Based on the comprehensive techniques in exosome isolation and purification, we also offers top exosome engineering services to satisfy different demands on exosome study.” Comment Joanna, the chief marketing staff at Creative Biostructure.

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