Telegram implements animated backgrounds and group video calls

Telegram is an app that’s constantly evolving, and recently it added a bunch of highly requested features. For a very long time, Telegram users have been vying for things like animated backgrounds and group video calls. These have been some of the top requests from users, so having this type of content ready for the audiences is very important. Thankfully, both these features were added and it’s time to celebrate.

Group video calls

Now you can initiate a voice chat and transform it into a group video call without a problem. All you need is to tap the camera icon and switch to video. It’s a nifty tool especially for those that use Telegram for collaboration, remote work, and so on. Video calls were necessary for Telegram and it’s great to see that this feature was added right now.

You can easily tap on videos and they will be fullscreen. In case you pin a video, this will stay focused on. As you do that, others will be able to come and join. With that in mind, there are some limitations. For example, even if you can have unlimited audio-only participants, you will have a restriction on the video spots. Only the first 30 people that join the voice chat can turn their video option on. The limit is set to increase soon, however at this time this is the limit, and users have to comply.

Aside from that, it’s also possible to do screen sharing too. This is a feature focused more on collaboration and it can be a godsend for those that work remotely. You have no limitations, and you can choose how and where to connect with others, which in turn leads to an amazing experience every time.

You also have access to other interesting features and benefits here as well. For example, Telegram has implemented noise suppression to ensure that the voice is clear and without issues. You even have a toggle that turns noise suppression off. They also integrated both desktop and tablet support, so you can have a native experience whenever you choose to initiate group video calls. They will even automatically pin anyone that shares their screen, so you all have a convenient and unique way to connect with everyone.

Animated backgrounds

Telegram’s addition of group video calls will do wonders for business users and professionals. But at the same time, you also have casual users that want to have fun with the app and customize it the way you want. The other major feature in this new update comes in the form of animated backgrounds. These animated backgrounds are used for chats, and they are generated algorithmically.

They are multi-color gradient, and they move when you send new messages. You have access to many different default options, but you can also create your own animated backgrounds if you want to. You can pick 3-4 colors that can unlock the animation, and then you can add a new pattern for the extra style.

Another new thing here is that whenever you send a new emoji, message, or sticker, it will hop from your keyboard directly, with a new animation. This doesn’t affect the experience, but it makes it a lot more cohesive and interesting while pushing the experience to new heights all the time. For the iOS side, they added transparency and some new app icons. This is great because you have a much simpler and more cohesive way to access the app and have it differentiated from others.

In addition to that, they have login info reminders, so you can update your phone number as needed, and you can do that only via the reminder. You don’t have to go into any submenu once you receive the reminder. Plus, if you are using Telegram bots, Telegram has added a new menu that makes it easy to send commands the way you want. It’s even possible to access new animated emoji and importing stickers is now a breeze.



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