Where is the WPS pin located on my hp printer?

When you are using the HP printer on your Windows 10, it will prompt you to enter the “WPS pin on hp printer”. The WPS pin would help you to connect to the wireless network. In addition to this, the HP printer uses WPS technology for establishing a connection with wireless devices. The WPS is safe, faster, and secure than a USB connection. Remember, for establishing a connection with other devices, there is a need to find or locate the WPS pin on hp printer. It is important to understand, this technology of the HP printer can be used by connecting the wireless printer with the help of the WPS PIN code to the personal device either via wired network or via wireless router and print documents easily. Through this article, you will learn the sequential steps to locate and use the WPN pin on the HP printer. So, let us get started!

What is WPS Pin?

For making a connection with the other device, you will need to locate the WPS pin on hp printer. If you do not know what is WPS it clearly stands for the “Wifi Protected setup” which is 8 digit number generated by the HP printer for a wireless connection with the routers. In general terms, it is the network security standard that is wireless and it helps you to make connections between the devices and the router. Remember, the WPS can work for wireless networks only which uses a password that is encrypted with the WPA2 personal or WPA Security protocols.

How and where you can find the WPS pin on HP printer

In most of the HP models, the WPS pin is located on the printer screen, however, there are certain HP printer models that do not have a display screen. So, let us check the different connection types for the screen and non-screen printers.

Different types of WPS connections for HP printers:

• WPS Push Button (For non-screen Printers)

• WPS Pin ( For Screen enabled Printers)

How to connect HP printer using WPS Pin?

For this, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

First of all, go to the Control panel of your HP printer and then tap on the Wireless button.

Go to the “Settings” option.

Once tapping on the Wifi Protected Setup, follow the prompts that are provided on the screen.

Enter the Pin and tap on this pin.

When you do it, the WPS Pin will be displayed on the screen.

In the next step, you have to access the configuration utility or the software for the wireless access point or wireless router.

Enter the WPS pin and wait till the process gets completed.

Once you have completed the setup, go to the “All programs” and open the HP folder of the printer.

Now, go to the wireless access point or wireless router and enter the WPS pin.

After completing the setup, go to “All Program” and select the option labeled as “ Connect a New printer”.

You can now install the Network printer driver.

Congratulations! The WPS pin is now generated on your HP printer wirelessly with your Windows 10.

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