ShenZhen Ai Produce Technology Information Co.,Ltd is a platform for global processing and manufacturing orders

ShenZhen Ai Produce Technology Information Co.,Ltd. is located in the reform and opening advanced demonstration zone, Shenzhen.We are a professional manufacturing industry orders for docking and technological solutions company.In the coating, surface treatment, hardware processing and manufacturing as the entry point,with "order docking", "expert intelligent work", "processing service" and other sections as service means.We are determined to gather industrial technical talents, create high-quality service, and strive to solve all production problems.

CNCvacuum coating

Today, the well-known OEM factories in the industry,Foxconn factory ,and Tongda Group, , have become partners of Aizhizao, which provides our customers with more stable, more efficient, higher quality and higher standard services!

Your needs by our unified production docking, one-stop service for you to deal with the production needs of all products. We know more about the needs of customers than traders, and can effectively reduce the communication cost, time cost and capital cost for you.

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ShenZhen Ai Produce Technology Information Co.,Ltd

East of Shenzhen,Guangdong, China.

Phone: 86-189 0243 7930


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