Meril Academy: India’s revolutionary education center

Bilakhia Group

The Bilakhia Group established the academy with a vision to create a world-class facility to train medical aspirants and provide for a comprehensive medical learning environment in India. The academy has award-winning medical professionals visiting from across the globe and sharing their knowledge and experience. They participate in several programs and seminars supported by the best teaching tools and aids. The academy is known for regularly hosting interactive, reflective, and experiential workshops that involve both modular learning courses and simulator-based courses. Healthcare professionals are provided with a great opportunity to discuss and practice various procedures and how to make them better and more efficient. A truly enlightening experience with an international panel for expanding their horizons and knowledge base.

Training at Meril Academy

The key features of Meril academy that make it one of the best places for medical professionals is their international faculty, live cases, simulator-based learning, and hardware playroom. They also have a well-stocked library for those who wish to brush up their knowledge by reading up on medical journals and cases. The academy is known to add value and enhance the skillsets of all the interns and professionals to join the academy. Their courses are CME accredited and also recognized by The Association of Surgeons of India that represents all the surgeons from training to consultant practice. They offer a variety of courses and workshops that you can choose from based on your expertise.

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