Calculating The Return On Investment For Home Solar Batteries

solar for homes

solar for homes

solar batteriessolar for homes

Solar batteries

· Only a rooftop solar system is enough for our home. We don't need solar batteries.

· It is better to stay connected to a grid system instead.

Thinking About the Energy Needs

solar for homesolar batteries

The excess electricity you produce goes back to the grid, and other people can share it from you. Besides, you also get financial incentives and plenty of advantages.

Here are some of the determinants that you can consider when evaluating the ROI for the solar for home.

FIT or Feed-in tariff

The pattern of Energy Consumption

Household Size:Sonnen batteryTesla batteryRedback battery

Appliances that increase the energy loadTesla batteries

Are home batteries the correct option for you?

solar for home

Sonnen batteriesTesla batteries


solar batteriesRedback batterySonnen Battery

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