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Emergency lighting is a requirement in most commercial and residential properties so that occupants are able to exit the premises safely in times of emergency. To ensure that your building has the best lights, work with a trusted emergency light supplier in Dubai. Working with the right partner will ensure that your building complies with all applicable safety regulations. Here are tips that will guide you in finding the right supplier:

Choose between ‘maintained’ and ‘non-maintained’ emergency lighting

The first thing to do is to understand the differences between maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting. Maintained emergency lights provide continuous normal use. Meaning, they are ‘on’ even during non-emergency situations. They will remain on when the electricity is cut off. This type of emergency light is normally used in public establishments like shopping malls.

Meanwhile, non-maintained emergency lights only activate in times of emergency. They are used in offices and residential homes because occupants are normally already familiar with the layout of the place and know where the emergency exits are!

Know the best brands of emergency lights

While scouring the internet for an emergency light supplier in Dubai, it’s also a good idea to look for the brands that are known for manufacturing quality emergency lights. This can help narrow down your options. Get familiar with the latest designs, technologies, and features to look for in a brand-new emergency lighting system.

Consider their expertise and experience

Even if you know what kind and brand of emergency lighting system you want for your property, you still need expert advice to make the best decision. That's why finding an experienced and dedicated supplier is a must. The best supplier will help understand your requirements in accordance with the country's regulations and standards.

Warranty matters

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