Choosing Cordless Circular Saws

Advancements in cordless battery technology have paved the road for a whole new breed of powerful cordless circular saws; some of which are able to handle even the same 7-in-one blades that their corded brothers use. There are numerous good reasons to have a cordless circular saw at your disposal. First and foremost, you will never need to worry about running out of gas like you would with a gas-powered machine. Secondly, the cordless variety is more compact and lightweight than its corded brother. And third, these machines are much easier to maintain and work with than their gas-powered cousins.

There are some additional features found on most cordless circular saws that might interest you. Some of these features include safety features such as non-slip grips on the handle and an automatic cut off feature when the blades become dull. Other additional features include rubberized handles for better gripping power, a dust cover included with the purchase of the machine, and a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

While many companies sell cordless circular saws that function without any type of internal recharge, it is best to keep your electrical source plugged into while using this equipment. This is because in the event of an electrical surge, the blade could potentially become disabled or the motor could get damaged. Furthermore, prolonged use of any type of cordless circular saw could wear out the blade and also cause other problems. Thus, it is advisable to keep both the cord and the power plug plugged in at all times while using this equipment.

If you are purchasing a cordless circular saws and want a little extra battery life, many models come with longer or extended cords. Some of these extension cords can be run behind the motor to help prevent it from being disabled while it is in use. In addition, extended cords can also be used to charge other items in your home or RV. The manufacturer of your model will advise you accordingly but most will plug into a cigarette lighter port. This is especially true with the models that have four -inch blades.

For additional battery life you may wish to consider purchasing one of the dewalt cordless circular saws that are available. While dewalt is a well known name in the industry, other manufacturers of cordless saws offer models that are very similar to default. These models are sold with longer cords that often connect to power kits that are located in the vehicle. These units usually offer a full seven -inch blade and are sold with interchangeable blades as well.

A final consideration when choosing your model is the amount of torque that the motor has. Most cordless circular saws have one of two different types of motors - either a continuous-speed or a pulsating action. The first type runs at once and the pulsating motor is much more powerful and tends to give more work than the continuous-speed unit. Both types of saws have drawbacks. Pulsing units are great for ripping heavy boards and wood floors but produce little pressure because of the motor's weight. Continuous-speed units tend to make better cut quality and are more suited for softer woods.

best cordless circular saws 2020

The best cordless circular saws come with a 7 -inch fixed blade and either a center or side feeder. A center feed lets you feed the piece of wood in one direction and straighten it out in the other. Side feeders let you feed the piece of wood in the opposite direction. While this may seem more complicated than a center feed, it gives you greater control over how the saw blade will operate.


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