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Everyone isn’t fond of driving or owning their vehicles or scooters with the evident increase in vehicle and gasoline prices. So some prefer using public transport to avoid all the fuss. Public transport assures safety but not comfort and flexibility. Here is where the concept of e-scooters clicks in. E-scooters allow their users to use vehicles as per their convenience for a daily commute, exploring the city, and much more.

As per an analysis done by NACTO, in 2018 users completed 84 million trips on shared micro-mobility vehicles. The number speaks volumes for how users are adapting to this new ride-sharing service.

One such app that has gained significant recognition in this area of business is Felyx. This blog offers insights on its scooter sharing program, and the features it provides in its mobile app. So, let’s get to it.


The first wave of the e-scooter revolution hit the US market in 2017 as companies like Bird and Lime launched their dockless e-scooter mobile apps. Soon, various other local entrepreneurs were inspired to jump into the market. Today almost all the European countries provide the option of renting e-scooters. As per the numbers of a PS Market Research the European two-wheeler sharing market is predicted to reach 597.2 million USD by 2025. During the forecast period, the CAGR rate is expected to be 35%. Massive urban congestion, increased global warming concerns, higher convenience, and technological advancements are the reasons fueling the micro-mobility economy in Europe.

How does Felyx Work?

Let’s gain a brief insight into Felyx. Felyx was founded in 2016 by Maarten Poot and Quinten Selhorst. It is based out of Amsterdam. It offers the facility of sharing e-scooters through a mobile app. Consumers can reserve and locate scooters using this app. The app aims to earn revenue by contributing to the lives of its consumers by solving their mobility issues.

The app delivers this by merging new opportunities with technology. The ride offered by the Felyx e-scooters is pretty cheap costing only 0.30 euro/minute. Presently, Brussels, Den Haag, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam are the major areas of service for Felyx. Felyx has received funding of whooping 4.1 million Euros in 2018 from Debt Financing.

An app is the most convenient form of providing a service as smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives. The working of the Felyx app is also pretty simple. The handpicked features give the Felyx app a more user-friendly feel. The user opens their app and can instantly search for the nearest scooter to book. The user would have to scan the QR code on the scooter to use the service. The scooter then gets unlocked and the user can ride it at their convenience. On reaching their destination the user can park the scooter at a suitable place and end the ride. The fare of using the service would be deducted directly from the user’s linked bank account or their e-wallets.

The whole experience of using e-scooters is powered by a simple yet powerful mobile application. The application works well if the features included and the technology used are user-friendly.


Search Feature:

This is the most basic feature for a scooter-sharing app. As soon as the user opens the app s/he should be able to see all the rides available at the nearest distance. As the scooters are electric it is also necessary to mention their battery levels. The battery levels should help determine the distance that it can travel to help the user make sound decisions.

Payment Integration:

As the whole process is online, you must offer secure payment gateways. A user would trust your app and offer their confidential information to you so the payment gateways you use must be secure.

User Profile:

This would be a personalized section for the users. This would contain all their profile information along with their ride histories. To make this feature more interesting you can provide a count of the CO2 they’ve saved by choosing an e-scooter instead of a car.

Communication Panel:

A communication panel is always an important feature for any app. As there is no other way for a user to reach the platform they can make use of this in case of any queries. No matter how efficient service is, problems can occur at any time and a communication panel is the best way to offer solutions.

Photo Uploading:

You can request your last user to upload the photo of the parked scooter which would make it easier for the new user to locate it. This is an essential and useful feature.

Geo-Fencing Technology:

This is a unique feature that you can offer to your users. Using this you will be able to provide alerts to your users when they approach a school, college, market, or park.

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