Why does HP Printer keep going offline?

HP Printer keeps going offline

Core reasons why your printer is going offline

The main reasons why your printer is going offline, again and again, are listed below:

1. Paper Jams

If there is any paper jammed in your printer, then you are sure to face this issue on your device. In this case, you should fix the printer offline issue by removing the jammed papers from your printer.

2. Low ink level

Apart from this, if your printer is running low on ink level, then also you might come across this issue. To fix it, you should ensure that you are using genuine ink cartridges and the cartridges have ink.

3. Loosely plugged cables

If the cables of your device are not connected properly or you have plugged them in the wrong ports, then you will face HP Printer keeps going offline error.

4. Network connection error

If you are using a networked printer and there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection, then you will face the offline issue. Make sure that your printer is connected to the correct wireless network and the Wi-Fi you are connected to is giving proper network coverage.

5. Outdated printer drivers

The presence of outdated printer drivers on your device might also cause you to face an offline error on your printer. In this case, one must immediately install the latest updates of the printer or re-install the printer drivers.


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