Party Makeup Artist in Delhi

Makeup Artist is a professional artist who uses the skin, especially the face, as the medium of his work and makeup products as the tool. Makeup Artists can have different focuses, such as make-up for the bride and other formal events, traditional and traditional make-up, face and body painting, or special effects like those used in fiction films.

Bridal makeup in Delhi NCR

There are differences in Makeup Artist in Delhi at each event, specifically for weddings the Makeup Artist party style for visitors is different from the bride, this difference can be seen in the accessories worn. Makeup Artists for brides at weddings usually use a lot of accessories on their bodies, especially on the face, meanwhile Makeup Artists for visitors don't have so many accessories, most of them used are accessories on the hands such as bracelets, on the head such as crowns and on the neck like necklaces.

The characteristics of Party Makeup Artist in Delhi are as follows:

1. Foundation Application

Apply foundation on all parts of the face evenly. For parts of the face that look tired, such as under the eyes and nose, use more foundation. With maximum results, you can add concealer, this aims to cover eye bags or to cover acne scars.

2. Blush On Application

The use of bright red blush on the cheekbones. This color gives the impression of blushing and glamour, as well as balancing eye makeup.

3. Eyeshadow Application

Airbrush MakeUp artist in Delhi

4. Eyeliner Selection

We can use matte black liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can easily blend with skin pigment, so our eyes will look sharp naturally. Use an eyeliner pencil to form the wings on the tip of our eyeliner. Apply mascara to the bottom of the lashes as a finishing touch. The hallmark of Party Makeup Artist in Delhi is highlighting eye makeup. This will be maximized by applying nude or white eyeliner under the eyes. To give a dramatic impression, you can also apply a good polish of mascara to the lower lashes.

5. Lipstick

Lipstick is the final touch for Makeup Artist in Delhi. Lipstick selection is the most important factor in the final result of our makeup. Choose a bold matte red lipstick. This lipstick is able to give a character appearance and the red color makes our makeup look more glamorous.

The benefit of Party Makeup Artist in Delhi is to create a simple yet beautiful look with the use of various accessories for each theme of the party. Currently, there are many parties who provide Party Makeup Artist in Delhi which can be searched on the internet with various prices from the most relevant to the most expensive prices.

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