5 Steps to Be Taken to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

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Before temperature drops to a freezing point, you need to ensure your pipes are warm and don’t have the ideal condition for becoming frozen.

This blogpost is focused on what preventative measures you need to take to prevent water pipe freezing:

Insulate your roof and exteriors walls

Adding insulation to these parts of your home can help keep the temperature from getting too low or reaching a freezing point inside the pipes. Insulating the wall helps them against the effects of too low temperature, especially if your plumbing pipes are located in the walls.

Let a faucet dripping

When water expands, it gets frozen. To prevent freezing, you can allow the water to keep running through the pipes. This means you will have to allow a faucet to keep dripping when it’s too cold and the temperature has dropped below freezing point. When the faucet is dripping, the pressure buildup within the pipe due to freezing of the pipes will not able to reach so high that it is on verge of bursting. So, this way you can prevent pipe and water damage.

Heating tape

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Seal all the gaps and cracks

Gaps and holes in your house will allow the cool air to sneak in and make your home so much cooler than it is. Lower the temperature in your home, the higher is the possibility to experience frozen pipes. By making sure, there are no holes, cracks, and gaps in your home, you can block the cold air and maintain the temperature that keeps your home warm.

Insulate the pipes

Add insulation to those pipes which are located in areas exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Insulating pipes where they are under the influence of cold temperature is an effective solution in order to keep the pipes from freezing.

Final words

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