Honda's New Generation Motorcycle ZOOMER-X


The Zoomer X has a refined frame with a golden inverted front fork, a single-tube tail shock absorber, and a streetcar handle, adding more practicality. It is equipped with a 110cc single-cylinder engine, SOHC two valves, and PGM-FI electronic injection. According to data, the best result of the Zoomer X 110 is 53 kilometers per liter of electric fuel.

Zoomer X is 1831mm long, 763mm wide, and 1065mm high. The most distinctive design is that the storage space under the seat adopts a semi-open design. The seat is opened to the right, and the front and sides of the seat are designed with openings, which can be stored more than Items with longer or wider seats.

Physically, you will find the design feel of MSX 125 + ZOOMER, especially the front inverted fork. The golden color and the body create a strong sense of contrast, and the sense of combat is full.

ZOOMER uses a wide tire configuration of 100/90-12 at the front and 110/90-12 at the rear, combined with Dunlop's tires so that it has a very good grip on rainy and sunny days. The power is a 108.2cc engine, the maximum horsepower can output 8.77ps and torque 9.14Nm.

Honda ZOOMER-X uses an open storage box space, such as safety helmets and some small items to carry, there is no problem at all. If you don’t want a hollow storage compartment, the original factory also has a protective mesh for the owner to seal the luggage compartment, or a complete plastic box is placed under the seat to restore the storage compartment to normal and increase the passenger rear armrest.

Digital instrument displays are easier to identify than traditional ones. Digital instruments are also the current trend in the motorcycle industry. In the future, more motorcycle manufacturers should be equipped with digital display systems.

Zoomer X 110 is a motorcycle with potential modifications and is full of fun. The headlights can be protected with partitions, and a protective cover can be added to the rear-view mirror, and a luggage rack can be added to the rear armrest. The body is small but interesting.

The Zoomer X with a minimalist style body has the predecessor of a straddle but the tail is slightly different. The details of the treatment make the whole car look unconventional, and it is extremely stylish and agile. The overall design of this car is creative, and it is also very suitable for fans who like to modify motorcycles.

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