Best Practices of the ALSOK Facial Recognition System in India

The need for an individual's understanding and interpretation of the face in companies or personal use is growing in India. Technological advancements have made it possible for people to access the smartest device possible. The automated facial recognition systems can very well serve the motive. In the past few years, facial recognition has become an area of significant interest. There is still limited understanding and study of what it actually involves. Even many sectors have announced that they will be including this advanced technology to enhance safety.

facial recognition system in India

Prevent Retail Crimes

The top-notch technology of ALSOK Face recognition enables individuals to instantly identify shoplifters, organized retail criminals, or fraud people entering the retail establishments. Their faces can be matched against large databases of criminals and notify the retail security professionals to take timely action.

Smarter Marketing

It can make advertising more targeted with an educated guess of people’s age and gender. Successful companies are also planning to install screens with face recognition built-in. It’s definitely going to be a huge advertising technology!

Find Missing People

India has seen so many cases of missing children who later become victims of human trafficking. If the database of these missing individuals is added, it will alert law enforcement as soon as they are recognized by face recognition. This technology is so advanced that it has discovered 3000 missing children in just four days in India!

Track Attendance

To make an environment a safer place and track attendance, face recognition is a quicker, safer, and more accurate option. There is no need for an ID card and manual check upon anyone to mark the presence. Many countries have already started using this technology to ensure the attendance of the concerned person. It’s indeed a great tool for Educational Campuses, Factories, Events, and Conferences that scan faces and match their photos against a database to validate their identities.

Enable Secure Transactions

Secure transactions are most important for everyone. No one can take the risk of fraud scams that have become normal in India. To ensure the purpose, facial recognition systems can work wonderfully well by scanning the faces before making any transaction as a payment option and then proceed for the same.

Controlled Access to Private Areas

Some places are not meant to be revealed to everyone. This is the point where facial recognition makes the best use. It allows only authorized individuals to access facilities like labs, boardrooms, bank vaults, training centers for athletes, and other private locations.

ALSOK facial recognition system in India provides an unparalleled opportunity to emerging needs. For India specifically, it plays a critical role and offsets the ever-evolving demands of the people. Leverage this technology by applying it in specific cases with proper regulatory mechanisms.

ALSOK journey in India started in 2013 as a security consultant. It provides various facilities like integrated facility management services, recruitment services, CCTV cameras, access control & time attendance system, other security equipment, and many other services.
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