The Sims 4 Reaches 10 Million Active Players in One Month

The Sims 4 is one of the most popular life simulation games, the design and gameplay are simple and attractive, allowing anyone to play the game. Recently, EA as the developer announced that The Sims 4 almost managed to reach 10 million active players in one month.

Reporting from a press release released by EA, they said that in the last 2 months The Sims 4 had 2.5 million new users, while achieving the highest monthly number of players with almost 10 million active players.

EA did not provide clarity on what factors caused this to happen, but it seems that the stay at home program was the main factor in the spike in players. As we know, the world is currently being hit by an outbreak of COVID-19, so citizens of the world are required to stay at home in order to stop the spread of the outbreak.

Apart from this, The Sims 4 is also currently only being released to the Steam platform after some time ago EA announced that they would return their games to the famous gaming platform.

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