Cups wipes: also called anti-fog cleansing wipes, which are newly developed from the wet wipes industry: anti-fog goblet, anti-fog windows, anti-fog bathtub mirrors, anti-fog glasses cleansing, anti-fog cleaning for an array of lens lenses The principal function of maintenance is definitely anti-fogging, defrosting, cleaning, see-through, dust-proof, anti-static, etc. Using bamboo fiber non-woven material and nano active broker, deionized water, surfactant, isopropanol, professional medical alcohol, menthol, polyethylene glycol, glycerin, PEG-600, polyvinylpyrrolidone, perfume, antiseptic Refined from expert formulas

1: This product consists of surfactant materials, which cannot only remove stubborn oil stains, dust, dirt, gum and insect stains to the glass surface, but has the benefit of a powerful effect associated with removing glass oil motion picture, and forms a protective film within the glass surface to reduce oil film damage Goblet affects driving and continues the glass clear and also transparent.

2: When used outside the auto, it can achieve the glass cleaning effect; when employed in the car in winter, it also has the long-term anti-fog effect.

First wipe your inventory evenly to achieve a clean, anti-fogging and defrosting influence.

3: Easy to use, immediate use, immediate results, independent packaging, easy to sling. Essential supplies for traveling.

4: Evenly wipe the glass products or upgraded lenses, wait for 3~5 minutes and it usually is up to 3~18 nights. For glasses experiment, the effect of spraying on the glasses lens with A HUNDRED degrees is good. The motor car is driving at subtract 30 degrees, and it's not at all applied to the cup. Fogging and frosting. Fine decontamination and anti-fog outcome, no corrosion, no smog, no influence on mild transmittance and reflectivity, outstanding anti-fog effect, bright result, high glass transparency, in addition to improve safe driving coefficient;

YOUR FIVE: It has strong decontamination performance, and it is thoroughly clean with magical effect;

A FEW: The glass surface is not really easy to absorb airborne dirt and dust, and the performance will be safe and stable;

7: Very small amount, that is, excellent anti-fogging effect; long anti-fogging time, eliminating that trouble of repeated defogging;

8: Water-based materials, low-carbon, green and clean;

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