Hiashi Hyuga

Head of the Hyuga clan - noble clan of Konohagakure Older of twin brother - Hizashi Hyuga Killed the head ninja of kumogakure, who tried to kidnap Hinata -> led to his brother’s sacrifice -> did not want to sacrifice his brother but his brother forced him to accept his decision Tough on hinata bc she did not show the confidence to lead the Hyuga clan -> turned to Hanabi instead Personality Very stern and strict -> never gave compliments to his subordinates or children Changed once he bowed to Neji and apologized for letting his brother die in his stead. Skills True master of the Gentle Fist Killed head ninja of Kumogakure with 1 blow Able to fight off Oto and Suna ninjas single handedly Able to repel the 10 tails using techniques such as Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm Effect on Series While not a very major character, he was instrumental in the development of 2 major characters, Neji and Hinata. He stifled Hinata’s growth, as his overbearing style made it more difficult for the shy Hinata to believe in herself. Once he apologizes to Neji, he starts to train Neji personally, and starts to even teach Neji forbidden head clan jutsu. He (along with Naruto) is responsible for letting Neji escape his belief that his life has been determined to be nothing more than a servant for the head family.

My name is Nick. My favorite series are One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and Dragon Ball (even though this one is dead). I am also really interested in learning how to learn the art of getting a gf (yeaaaa I need help with this haha) and love meat. I like, what people would call, "nerdy" stories, and whatnot. So hit me up!
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