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cutting tool

Cutting Tool

Cutting tool

Different mechanical arrangements to execute the cutting action encourage a

Relative velocity to operate between the cutting tool and the workpiece.

Cutting tools

As a result, the cutters have been called for their distinct machining functions.

The following is a list of commonly used cutting tools:

Many types of Cutting Tools:


Solid Carbide Drill

Solid Carbide Endmill

Gun Drill Tool

Single Point Turning Tool

Milling Cutter




Brazed Carbide Tools

Boring Bar

Thread Mill Cutter

Grinding wheel


Special Tools

Cutting Tool Industry

Cutting Tools Industry

1. HSS (High –Speed Steel ) cutting tool manufacturers

2. Carbide cutting tool manufacturers

Carbide cutting Tools

For the last few decades, carbide cutting tools and inserts have been the most

Extensively used tools in the machining industry.

However, have you ever pondered what Carbide is and why Carbide Cutting Tools have grown so popular? Carbide is a chemical compound made up of carbon and an element that is less electronegative than carbon.

Carbide cutting tool

Ø Tungsten, Titanium, Cobalt, Tantalum, or Vanadium are examples of less electronegative metals that can be used to make metal carbides.

Ø Carbon compounds with less electronegative non-metals such as Boron, Calcium, or Silicon are known as non-metal carbides.


Tungsten Carbide, or Carbide these days, is a compound of Carbon and Tungsten that has revolutionised the Machine Tool Industry in recent decades by giving greater cutting speed and feed rate as well as a longer tool life span than previous competitors.

Advantages of Carbide Cutting Tool

Abrasion resistance is remarkable in carbide tools.

Carbide tools on workpiece/parts machines produce a high-quality surface finish.

When compared to HSS tools, carbide tools may be worked at speeds that are roughly 6 to 8 times faster.

Catering and thermal deformations are not a problem for Carbide cutting tool

When compared to other materials like HSS, carbide tools have a high wear resistance, allowing the user to operate the tool at higher speeds and for longer periods of time.

Carbide cutting tools

Carbide cutting tools outperform their steel counterparts in terms of value for money.

Carbide Cutting Tools with tipped tips can be simply replaced for continued usage.

Carbide Cutting Tools

Application Industry

Ø Automotive Industry

Ø Aerospace

Ø Medical Equipment Industry

Ø Construction

Ø Die and Mould

Ø Power generation

Ø Oil and Gas

Ø General Engineering

Ø Textile

Ø Machine tool industry

Cutting tool industryCutting Tools

Accusharp Cutting Tools Private Limited is a company that specialises in cutting tools. Ltd. is a prominent firm in the design, manufacture, and supply of special cutting tools in HSS and Tungsten carbide for industries such as automotive, engineering, textiles, energy, machine tools, Aerospace , Construction , Die and Mould , Defence and others.
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