Hpl decorative board is usually a surface decorative building fabric. It is made in place of decorative color report and kraft paper through dipping, drying, pressing reported by the pattern of decorative color paper number one and kraft paper around the bottom. The number of kraft paper sheets depends upon the thickness of the sheet required by the customer, then placing in a very high temperature and high pressure machine, applying 1430 pounds of pressure per square inch with a high temperature of MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED degrees Fahrenheit (about 150 degrees Celsius), continuously and evenly pressing for around hour, and then cutting down on, sanding, quality inspection along with other steps.

Decorative melamine kraft pieces of paper laminated decorative fireproof hpl aboard

It has the excellent characteristics in the high pressure laminate that's...

1. wear resistant, A COUPLE OF. compression resistant, 3. heat resistant, 4. acid plus alkali resistant, 5. losing smoking resistant, 6. acne bacteria resistant, 7. mould proof, 8. water proof, ON THE LOOKOUT FOR. Fire-proof, 10. easy to help clear.


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