Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

I never understood how my partner could just lay his head on his pillow and, I kid you not, not one minute later, start snoring. Unlike him, the rest of us have to actually force our eyes shut and let our minds wander before we realize the sun’s shining and our alarm’s gone off.

Studies show that 35.2% of American adults report only getting less than seven hours of sleep per night and 10%-30% struggle with insomnia.

Others have taken to yoga before sleep, and for some, it’s a little glass of wine that does the trick. A growing number of people though have found certain cannabis strains helpful in not only falling asleep, but also staying asleep.

The world of marijuana can be daunting on its own and walking into a dispensary can be confusing with all the options available to us these days.

For starters, there are three main subspecies of cannabis: indica, sativa and hybrids. Indica tends to have a more relaxing effect, sativa is more energizing, while hybrids are a combination of the two. Strains are breeds of cannabis and people breed various types of cannabis for different effects they can have on the user. When looking for strains that can aid your sleep, it’s best stick with indica strains that are rich in both THC and CBD.

Canada cannabis strains

Northern Lights

Tahoe OG Kush

Grandaddy Purple

God’s Gift

cannabis concetrates

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