Amsterdam Weekends - A Short Holiday Escape

Looking for a brief European weekend holiday? Amsterdam could be just the location to enjoy yourself with your family, or buddies, or partner. Amsterdam Weekends integrates culture, food, and enjoyment in one stunning, quaint city to produce an experience unlike any other.

The capital and the largest city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam lies in North Holland province in the west of the country. Amsterdam is the nation's monetary and cultural capital. As a travel destination, it is the 5th most frequented traveler location in Europe. A little city, however resplendent in history, art, and the guarantee of wonderful experiences, Amsterdam is every bit charming, warm, and alluring according to

Amsterdam Weekends and Cultural Tourism

Amsterdam hosts a flourishing cultural scene. The place of almost 100 celebrations a year and house to 37 world-famous museums, Amsterdam likewise has several historical monoliths, going shopping districts and dining establishments and home entertainment arenas, and luxuriant hotels to its credit.

Must-see places in Amsterdam include architectural specimens like the Old Church of Wallen's, or Wallen's Oude Kerk, the het Houten Huys at the Begijnhof built-in rare Gothic style, and the Royal Palace which is a great specimen of Baroque architecture.

Highly suggested museums consist of the Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum of contemporary art and the Rijksmuseum with its large collection of Rembrandt paintings and classical Dutch art. The Heineken Music Hall and symphony orchestra at the Concertgebouw are Amsterdam's cultural places.

Amsterdam Weekends and Nightlife, Food and Shopping

Its cultural extravaganza apart, Amsterdam delights in a dynamic social quality. The city is the haunt of several young European tourists who come to spend their Amsterdam Weekends in the lap of great global foods, thrilling parties, and interesting shopping places.

The Leidseplein and the Rembrandtplein locations are where Amsterdam delights in international nightlife culture. There are discos at The Paradiso and Sugar Factory cultural centers as well. In addition to various ethnic and worldwide dining establishments, Amsterdam has a popular café culture and coffee bar that differs from old-made to modern.

For those interested in shopping, Amsterdam Weekends provide popular locations such as the Vondelpark and the Negen Straatjes. Vondelpark particularly is great for families with kids.

Where to Stay throughout Amsterdam Weekends?

The city of Amsterdam is both a popular luxury holiday as well as a backpacking location. It is a cultural escape for lovers of the old and a fun city for the young thinking about shopping, food, and enjoyment. Thus, from elegant landmark hotels to self-catering apartments, hostel, and camping facilities, Amsterdam Weekends provide lodging to suit all budget types and tastes.

Around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is served by the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which serves the city worldwide. The Dutch Railways connects the city across the country and with the majority of other European cities.

Cycling is the most popular mode of transport in and around Amsterdam. Biking is also the most peaceful and enjoyable way to tour the city. For those who would choose otherwise, Amsterdam's transportation system includes buses and tram lines. There are ferry services for transportation on Amsterdam's waterways. Driving is discouraged in Amsterdam.

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