How Did Kishore Pallapothu Get a Place in the List of Millionaires?

Kishore Pallapothu has come a long way down over the years, transcending his career from a tech guru to a millionaire. His stringent approach as a venture capitalist also contributed to his financial success. It all started with his academic success as a Computer Science Student. During his early career, Kishore focused largely on acquiring advanced skills. Coupled with this experience and his industry knowledge, Kishore started working on his startups. At the same time, he channelized his aptitude towards technology and skills to collaborate with other startups.

Kishore Pallapothu

Kishore Pallapothu as a student and employee

Kishore Pallapothu performed brilliantly as a student. Academically, he was above the average student with his performance. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nagarjuna University and then pursued a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the US. Next, he dedicated his career to the IT industry. After integrating himself into the industry, he largely focused on futuristic technologies like AI and ML. Moreover, he gained advanced knowledge in computer vision, cloud infrastructure and mobile infrastructure. Initially, he started his career at Redwood City headquarters of Oracle Corporation as a senior engineer. In course of time, he joined Siebel Systems, a reputed CRM firm as a project team lead.

From an employee to a venture capitalist

Once Kishore Pallapothu gained adequate experience as an employee, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He founded several startups during his career. Prominent among these are SkillWiki and ChoozeHire. In both these startups, he channelized advanced technologies that he mastered during his academic and professional ventures. At the same time, Kishore Pallapothu started his life as a venture capitalist.

Selfmade businessman Kishore Pallapothu

Particularly, he was prudent in identifying the needs of the industry. Accordingly, he channelized his funds to startups that promised success. This ability to detect the promising shores made him successful as a venture capitalist. Of course, the startups he invested in succeeded in course of time. As a result, he also benefitted financially.

Kishore Pallapothu as a millionaire

Even after finding his name in the list of millionaires, Kishore Pallapothu has maintained a humble profile. He has also been a part of several voluntary groups and NGOs, working for the betterment of his community. On the other side, he contributed to the development of the professional skills of IT employees, launching the startup called SkillWiki. ChoozeHire, another startup launched by Kishore Pallapothu, automates the recruitment process. All these years, he has taken calculated risks, whether it involved his own companies or other startups. Industry knowledge and intelligent decisions on the business front contributed to his success.

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