Spy App On iPhones

Yes, the Auto Forward reviews stating that Auto Forward spy software works on iPhones are correct. In fact, it’s compatible with all iOS versions, iPads, and iPhone models including the iPhone 12, XR, and XS Max. We’ve tried using it on 5 different iPhones and 5 different iPads, and the software worked flawlessly.

Similar to its Android version, you get to enjoy various features and functionalities when the Auto Forward cell phone spy app for iOS is installed.

Spy App On iPhones

Contacts and Calls

GPS Locations

Photos, Videos, and Files

Web Browsers and Social Media Activities

Other Applications

Stealth Camera Access

Keylogger Feature

Auto Forward spy software is one of the pioneering and leading apps on the market. With over 7 years of service, it has helped millions of parents and employers, providing reliable monitoring features
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