The Erectile Dysfunction Drugs are the Publicity Furor!

Advertising is one of the best and most appealing features of globalization. Advertising is the key to selling anything. A product must be well-received in order to succeed on the market. Advertising in different forms was common earlier, but it wasn't as prominent.

Advertisements are a key part of everything nowadays, from clothes to accessories to baby products to newspapers to government programs to films to ED drugs. Advertising is also called publicity measures. For certain products and concepts that are revolutionary, large, costly, and extravagant publicity is used. These publicities can be very influential in grabbing the attention of customers for new or controversial products.

This was a lavish and extravagant publicity strategy that was used to launch Viagra, the first erectile dysfunction drug of its kind. Viagra, a product of Pfizer medical gurus, was the first ED drug to hit the market in 1998. These were the years when globalization was at its peak. Globalization had many salient features. These features were exploited to their full potential by Viagra manufacturers.

Many schools of society strongly opposed the Pfizer publicity strategy. The ethical and moral reasons for rejecting the Pfizer Viagra "on the face" publicity campaign were the main reason these schools rejected it. They opposed the idea of making a public statement about a problem such as erectile dysfunction or its treatments.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Medication or Alternatives?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as Ed, is the inability to maintain or sustain erection. ED affects all men, regardless of race, gender, age, or skin color. It can be dangerous because it can affect man's self-esteem as well as his relationships with his partner sexually, his wife or girlfriend.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

1.Diabetes and other vascular conditions can cause a buildup of arteries, which in turn causes insufficient blood flow to the male sex organ. It is therefore difficult for men to maintain or sustain erection. Managing your cholesterol can help you avoid ED. Erectile dysfunction and cholesterol medication are closely related, just like diabetes. Prescription drugs and fatigue are also causes of erectile dysfunction.

2. Psychological The brain is the first to notice this problem. Depression, stress, loss of self-worth or self-confidence can all send signals to your brain and cause ED.


Oral medication is the first line of medical care. Viagra is an example of such a medication. You should take it at least one hour before you have sex. It should not be mixed with alcohol. This drug can cause nausea and dizziness, as well as side effects. This drug is not recommended for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, or arrhythmia. It also interferes with other prescribed medications. This is medication directly injected into the male sex organ. The last type of medical treatment is surgery. Implants are placed in the male genital region. It is expensive, invasive and takes a long recovery period.

Male organ pumps are the first non-medical treatment. Although this works, it doesn't address the root cause of ED. The second option is therapy. This works for psychological ED, but it is not effective for physical causes. The next step is topical creams. Topical creams for erectile dysfunction can be used to restore erection. However, it is cumbersome as you must apply it at least 30 min before you go out. The last non-medical treatment for erectile dysfunction is herbal supplements. This is the safest and easiest way to get your health back. The herbal supplements are made from herbs that have aphrodisiac qualities. They are quick and have less side effects. As needed, take them as you need. No maintenance dosage required.

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