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Why Do You Need Car Wreckers In Blacktown?

Car wrecking in Australia is a treasured industry for many reasons. The most important thing you should know about it is that it plays a critical role in helping the environment. The wrecking process is almost synonymous with recycling, except that car wreckers deal with vehicles instead of the usual plastic and paper.

So how does car recycling work? A typical passenger vehicle like a Mazda CX-5 or a Toyota Corolla can contain up to 2400kg of steel, which makes up around 65% of its weight. All of this material can be recycled and used once again to manufacture a brand-new car. In fact, most car bodies are already made of 25% recycled steel!

Not only does this conserve tons of metal, it also helps save numerous other non-renewable resources. For example, every ton of steel you recycle ends up saving 1100kg of iron ore, 635kg of coal, and 50kg of limestone.

Metal recycling also conserves large amounts of energy. In North America, 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year, saving enough electricity to power 18 million households. This is because recycling is much less energy-intensive than mining for new resources.

On top of that, car wrecking saves components that would otherwise just end up in the trash. Even if your vehicle is old, its engine, wheels, windshields, and lights may still be salvaged and sold as cheaper spare parts to those who need them!

Finding The Best Car Wreckers In Blacktown

Besides the environmental benefits, car wreckers in your area can also work in your favour. You’ll be able to get rid of an eyesore at home and free up your garage, taking a huge weight off your shoulders!


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