I Need Romance 2 Ep 11 Preview [ENG]

yaaay another preview out! here's the brief translation for the Written Preview. Dont forge tto check out the I Need Romance 2 party if u're a big fan of the drama! (http://www.vingle.net/I-Need-Romance-2) ====================================== I Need Romance 2 Episode 11 Whenever Yeol Mae is with Ji Hoon, her heart beats faster, even though he is not her first love. The two of them visit the orphanage again and this time they go for an outing together with the children. Ji Hoon playfully pretends to propose to Yeol Mae, but this playful trick makes Yeol Mae alll flustered. She's afraid that Ji Hoon will not like her as much when he knows her more, and so she's afraid to introduce him to her friends. Meanwhile, Seok Hyun starts to get jealous of Ji Hoon and shows it! Yeol Mae misunderstands though, and what happens is that the three of them (such a weird trio) end up spending the night together...

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