How To Breed Cats in Minecraft – QUICK & EASY GUIDE

Breeding Animals in Minecraft 

How To Breed Cats in Minecraft

If food isn’t an option, you can use a lead which is sort of like a leash. You loop it around an animal’s neck and lead them into your pen. To make a lead, you need 4 strings and a slime ball. You can get string by killing regular spiders or cave spiders. To get a slime ball, you have to kill a slime. There is no special way to kill spiders and slimes. 

Let’s Talk About the Cat Moves in MinecraftLet’s Talk About the Cat Moves in Minecraft

How To Get Cats in Minecraft? 

To find a town or a swamp hut. In communities with at least one village house and four beds, street cats may spawn. The game will see whether there are stray cats in the hamlet and try to breed one when its spawning conditions have been fulfilled.

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