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Alight Motion is a new video editing app that allows you to manipulate, animate, and remix videos on your phone in real-time. If you've ever felt limited by what your phone can do with video editing tools, this free app is for you. Alight Motion gives you the ability to change speed, reverse clip order, or even insert audio from someone else’s recording - all without having to export and re-import the footage! In this blog, we present you a detailed review of Alight Motion. In addition, this article also allows you to download the MOD

APK version completely for free.

About Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a versatile video editing application released by Alight Creative. This application supports vector and bitmap, blur effects, adjust video colors, export videos to popular formats or animations. Moreover, Alight Motion also has many graphics layers, frames available for you to choose, customize the videos according to your own creativity.

Great video editing tool

Alight Motion brings basic features for you to edit videos easily. It can help you change parameters for video: color, contrast, brightness, opacity …. Alight Motion allows you to edit vector graphics, use many effects for images in video. Or you can optionally add or trim any frame in the video.

Not only that, Alight Motion also provides color effects, borders and shadows for video. In addition, you can also add text to photos and videos. With over 2000 fonts available, you will be able to choose the font that best suits the theme of the photo.

Alight Motion also allows you to select the aspect ratio. The usual editing applications only you choose the ratio of 16: 9 vertical or 16: 9 horizontal or 1: 1. A replacement for 1: 1 could be 4: 3. But with this application, you can choose from 4 frame options mentioned above. This is a great feature that Alight Motion is preferred over other apps of the same genre.

A feature not to be missed in this application is the ability to customize the resolution. With Alight Motion, not only can you increase the resolution up to 4K, you can also upgrade it completely to 4K @ 60fps. Most other video editing apps cannot surpass 4K @ 30fps. This is usually only available on professional editing tools on the computer.

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