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Vastu Facts You Should Try:

A lady transforms a house into a home. She manages to find a balance between her social and religious obligations while juggling a range of sensitive chores at home. As a result, in Vastu Shastra, the lady of the house plays a significant role.

Maintaining a place's Vastu, whether it's a house or a palace, is a delicate undertaking. Vastu Shastra is the study of directions, energy, and elements for the uninitiated. It is an ancient method that attempts to restore the normal flow of energy and was developed for the benefit of mankind by knowledgeable seers and sagas. It is possible to address a variety of business, financial, physical, and emotional problems with expertise.

Vastu Tips:

-Couples should avoid the bedroom in the northeast and instead choose the bedroom in the southern zone.

-Sleeping with the head in the south fosters better communication and revitalizes relationships.

-Spend time in the East of your house if you're feeling weak, weary, or sick. Indra, the God of War and Weather, is said to dominate the East. As a result, Indra wields authority over the rising sun, which is said to control the bones, eyes, heart, spinal cord, and blood circulation.


-It is bad to have a toilet at the house's North-East, South-East (corner), or Center (Brahmasthan).

-For greater harmony, place a family image towards the southwestern direction.

-For prosperity, place a basil plant (tulsi patta), as well as pearls and crystals, in the Northern Direction.

-Make sure there are no overhead beams going through the middle of the home since this might cause a problem.

-Heavy furniture should not be stored in the center of the house, which is the Brahmasthan, and should be kept as empty as possible.

-The color blue has a calming effect. A night lamp that emits a gentle blue light would be incredibly relaxing. For the walls, however, violet, indigo, and purple are suggested. In the bedroom, stay away from red.

-Dragons, war, and other violent imagery are strictly prohibited. They elicit a sense of unease and dissatisfaction. Pictures that are harsh should be avoided.

-If you're having problems sleeping, consider sleeping with your head in the South Direction to preserve your body's natural polarity and the health of both you and your unborn child.

-During pregnancy, avoid sleeping with your head in the north direction. Always sleep in a bedroom with a southern orientation.

-If the lady is working, try to avoid larger windows in the southwest and have larger windows in the north.

-It is suggested that you utilize perfumes in your home.

-Lord Kuber represents wealth and success, and he rules the northeast corner of your dwelling. It is here that a Kuber Yantra should be placed. Remove everything that collects bad energy from the northeast corner of your home as well. Toilets, heavy furniture, and shoe racks are examples of these items.

Vastu Shastra

-Place your lockers or safes at the southwest corner of your home if you want financial prosperity. The earth element is represented in this area, which ensures stability. Furthermore, your house's locker should never open towards the west or south directions. Ignoring this can result in a significant cash drain.

I believe that following the above-stated Vastu guidelines can benefit all.

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