How Can I Become Six Sigma Certified?

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This is understandable, considering the fact that many websites offering six sigma training don't really do much of a job in explaining what the concept is, and traditional business professionals wouldn't have heard of it either. So, it's probably about time that someone explains what six sigma actually is.

In truth, despite its very recent boost in popularity, the concept of six sigma isn't a new one. The most basic concepts behind it were devised over half a century ago by various industrial and consumer electronics companies. It was later refined in the 1980s into the concept that is now advertised and sought out which we know as "six sigma".

So, knowing that it's not a new concept, what exactly is it? Well, to summarize it first, six sigma is a problem-solving and quality assurance system. That's a generalization, but it does fit.

six sigma certification online

It's a mathematical formula, using a series of steps called "DMAIC", whereby a process is first observed in all of its discrete steps unaltered. Once this is completed, all aspects of the process are measured in units relevant to the desired final outcome. Using a series of calculations and comparisons, the problems related to quality or efficiency in the process are then detected, quantified, and made tangible.

After the problems are given a solid entity to themselves, solutions to these problems can be found more easily, and countermeasures put into effect for future use. Through these steps of analysis and measurement, it's theoretically possible for the most complicated process in any industry to be "perfected" through analytical means.

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With just a few hours a day for about a month, one can go from a complete layman to an expert in this system with ease, if they really want to make it happen.

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