How decentralized finance News will transform || business financial services

How decentralized finance News will transform || business financial services

Decentralized finance

A global, open alternative to the current financial system.

Products that let you borrow, save, invest, trade, and more.

Based on open-source technology that anyone can program with.

Decentralized Finance

What's Decentralized Finance News (Defi)?

Decentralized Finance News

There's a booming crypto-economy out there, where you can lend, borrow, long/short, earn interest, and more. Crypto-savvy Argentinians have used Defi to escape crippling inflation. Companies have started streaming their employees their wages in real-time. Some folks have even taken out and paid off loans worth millions of dollars without the need for any personal identification.

Understanding Decentralized Finance

The term Decentralized finance, or Defi for short, describes a financial system that operates without the need for traditional, centralized intermediaries. We’re used to everything going through a bank and other financial institutions like a global exchange, but Defi creates a system that can function on its own.

Decentralized financeDecentralized Finance News

Decentralized financial services

Decentralized finance

Smart contracts on Ethereum are what allow these decentralized services to exist, and what allows them to operate fairly and securely.

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