Spousal Maintenance

Divorce can be a big heartbreak. I know when you walked down the aisle, you never thought of ending your sweetest moments. However, due to life circumstances surrounding the marriage, it is bound to happen at times.

When you divorce, you can get spousal support to help you live as you did in your marriage or give you financial stability. So, don't be worried if this occurs; not all is lost after all.

What is spousal support or maintenance?

In case of separation, one of you may agree to continue paying the support payments of your ex-spouse. It is also known as alimony, periodical allowances, or spousal support. It is typically paid monthly and goes on for a specified duration or a lifetime.

You should note that spousal support is distinct from child maintenance. The spousal support ends if the receiver gets married or if either person dies. However, it may be terminated or amended by the court if there's a shift in happenings. 

When to consider spousal support?

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It can also be maybe you left your career to take care of your family, and you need a fresh start to build your career. Or perhaps you need help to continue with the same standards of living before the divorce. For this reason, you need to know how to calculate.

How is spousal calculated?

There's no set method to decide spousal support as there is for child maintenance. To determine how much should be given for spousal support, the court must weigh the overall circumstances. The amount you get depends on all these factors:

Child support responsibilities

How much are you earning?

How much will you earn in the future?

How much do you need to survive?

The assets that belong to the person paying.

Your lifestyle before the divorce.

The right amount differs from situation to situation, and you can ask for specialist advice, for example, the divorce lawyer, Adelaide. Deciding the amount can be difficult because of the uncertainties on the cost and how long it will last.

How long does it last?

If the marriage is less than five years, the court will impose a period for which alimony is paid. Similarly, if you've been together for a long time, payment of spousal support for the rest of the payee's life can be set. Finally, if the court grants this type of payment, they will consider all circumstances to see if the beneficiary can become financially stable.

Many are times when you worry about what becomes of you after divorcing in terms of finances. But the best part is you can get spousal support to help you with life while healing emotionally.

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