Download Funimate MOD APK for Android

Funimate is a professional video editing application for Android. The app features cut, trim, and merge features which help you edit videos together with titles and music. Funimate also come with text overlays, filters, stickers, and other graphics to get your point across in an entertaining way. Get creative with your editing or can use the default designs when you just want to quickly put something out there as a marketing tool.

Introduce about Funimate

A very hot social networking application in recent years is Tiktok. Above, you can enjoy extremely cool or extremely cute short videos. All these social networking videos are edited and cut in a sophisticated, professional manner. If you want to create your own video like that, give Funimate a try. This is a video editing and creation application released by AVCR, guaranteed to help you get the best videos.

Easy to get used to and use

You’re not an expert, you don’t know how to start editing. Don’t worry, Funimate will help you get through those difficulties with its smart design. The interface screen is full of the most powerful tools and is neatly arranged and streamlined. You will easily get acquainted and find the necessary tools to edit your videos. Create videos that will amaze the people around you!

Powerful features

Add effects

Funimate also cables you over 100+ advanced video and music effects. You’ll be amazed by how easily a music video can be created. Not only choose the effects available, you can also create your own unique effects. Select photos on your phone and create animated, eye-catching effects. Each video effect will suit a different content. Thereby, you can create many different styles to create unique videos

Insert music and emoticons

Catchy music will highlight your video. Although only as the background for the main video, but it is these small details that make your video more unique. Choose for yourself cool or lovely music, depending on your video content. Or you can choose deep candlestick music when you want to make a video that tells a story. Your followers will be extremely excited to see those videos.

Inserting emojis is also easy with Funimate. You can use hundreds of cute icons we provide to make your video more vivid.

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