Busting the Myth that the End Toilet Cubicle is the Cleanest

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This thought process is backed up by New York Magazine which suggests that men tend to choose the stall closest to the door, while women select the stall farthest from it. So, if you want to find the cleanest bathroom stall, you might want to rethink your strategy.

All Evidence is Scientifically Backed

It turns out that there are people out there who will car

ry out the research on the cleanest bathroom stall, so you don’t have to. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that somebody stood in a public restroom every day for a number of weeks writing down the stall preference of every member of the public.


The results were measured in numerous ways, the most popular being the cleaner taking note of how often they had to replace toilet paper in each of the stalls. The results where quite surprising!

When it Comes to Public Restrooms, Women are Pickier than Men

Women tend to be pickier in their stall choice than men, often choosing the stalls furthest from the door. While men don’t care as much and tend to choose the stall or urinal closest to the door. However, the study found that in general, the middle stalls are chosen by both sexes on the most part.

Which Toilet Stalls Should You Avoid?

If you want to choose the cleanest toilet stalls then you should definitely avoid the middle ones as scientists have carried out numerous experiments and proven that, in general, the middle stalls are used the most often in a phenomenon psychologists call “centrality preference.”

We All Prefer Our Own Bathrooms

Generally speaking, the majority of Brits prefer using their own bathroom in the private solitude of their homes where they can do their business without the worry of anyone listening in. Being at home is the most comfortable situation for most toilet users and some people will go so far as to only ever use their own bathroom at all times!

Which Bathroom Stall is the Cleanest?

In general, due to most people opting for the bathroom stall the furthest from the door, or using the middle stalls, the first toilet cubicle you pass in a public

restroom is often considered to be the least private and therefore the cleanest. Given the choice, a small survey carried out in 2015 discovered that people generally look for the largest, most private and cleanest bathroom stall they can find.

How Do You Know How Clean a Bathroom Really is?

Unless you are the cleaner of said public restrooms, it is unlikely you will ever truly know how clean the bathroom really is. However, many public restrooms now have a cleaning schedule posted on the wall with the times and initials of the most recent cleaners. If this schedule is up to date, it is probably safe to assume that the public toilet facilities are well-maintained, and you can use them without worry.

We All Have Our Preferences

Toilet cubicles are invaluable in public restrooms and they can certainly offer complete privacy for all users so that the worry of choosing the right bathroom stall is no longer an issue. When it comes to public restroom use, we all have our own preferences when choosing which stall to use. But hopefully this article has given you some invaluable advice as to bathroom cubicle etiquette and hygiene.


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