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Does a Labrador Retriever Cause Allergies in a Human?

It’s every dog lover’s nightmare: having an allergy to your favorite pet. Fortunately, there are dogs that bother you less, but is the Labrador Retriever also part of it?

The question whether Labrador Retrievers cause allergies to humans is unfortunately less easy to answer than you might think, in fact, no dog is hypoallergenic. However, there are individual dogs that spread fewer allergens, but we’ll talk about that later.

There are certain properties in dogs that can reduce your allergy. In addition, you can reduce allergens in your home by keeping the dog and your house clean.

Does a Labrador Retriever Cause Less Allergies in a Human?

Many people assume that only breeds that do not shed can be suitable for allergy sufferers. This could be true in theory, as they shed less hair and dirt than dogs with normal coat.

However, an allergy is mainly caused by certain proteins in the skin and in the saliva of the dog. These proteins are actually present in every dog, so that no dog would in principle be suitable for people with an allergy to dogs.

Scientists for example, found no difference in the presence of these allergens in dogs of different breeds. So-called hypoallergenic varieties also appeared to carry the allergens with them and spread just as much as other varieties.

A strange trend you may not expect is that some of the Labradors in the study seemed to spread far fewer allergens than other dogs. So how much you suffer from your allergy has little to do with the breed or coat type, but more with the individual dog.

The scientists couldn’t explain why some dogs spread so much less allergens. However, they think that a lot of swimming reduces the amount of allergens on the dog. And swimming is of course something that Labrador Retrievers love.

Of course it can also have something to do with specific genes in the dog. Scientists may one day find out whether there are genes that ensure that the dog carries fewer allergens.

Until then, it is better to see how you react to a specific dog. In that respect, a Labrador can suit you just as well as a Labradoodle.

How to Reduce Allergens on the Dog and in the Environment

Do you have a Labrador or do you really want one and do you or someone close to you have an allergy? The last thing you want is of course that you have to say goodbye to your four-legged friend.

In some cases this will be the best solution for allergy sufferers to avoid serious health problems.

However, there are ways to reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Until now, we couldn’t find anything that completely eliminates allergens from your home, but the following measures are definitely worth trying before looking for a new home for your buddy.

Is a Puppy or Adult Labrador Better If You are Allergic?

Many people prefer a Labrador puppy, because it is fun to experience this period and you can still adjust the dog to your own liking.

However, as we explained earlier, every dog is different when it comes to spreading allergens. That is why it is often better for someone with an allergy to purchase an adult dog.

For example, you can temporarily take in a relocation or shelter dog to see if this dog is right for you. Of course, discuss this with the organization or person who is relocating the dog. After all, you must be able to give the dog back if it turns out not to go well.

You can often not just give a puppy back and it is very sad if you eventually have to find a new owner for the puppy.

Fix Your Dog-related Problems Thanks To This Article

Dogs bring people joy, companionship and unconditional love. Their owners must provide them with food, entertainment, medical care and attention. Together, owner and dog make each other's lives complete. If you already own a dog or are planning on adopting one, you have to understand what lies ahead. This article will guide you through some tips to make dog ownership easier and better for both parties.

When giving your dog a bath, make sure that you only put on shampoo that is intended for canines. Using lukewarm water, get the entire body wet and then begin applying the shampoo to their face, working your way down their body. Wait a few minutes and then take a washcloth and wipe off the suds from your pet's face. Wash off the rest of the shampoo as well.

Give your dog hugs, but don't kiss him. While those sloppy kisses may be cute, be aware that your dog's mouth is apt to be crawling with germs and bacteria. Dogs are always getting into garbage, drink from places like the toilet, and they clean their bodies with their tongues. There is an old wives' tale that says that the mouth of a dog is cleaner than that of a human. It simply is not the case.

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Talk to your vet about your dog's food portions. Many people look at the guidelines on the dog food bag; the problem with this is that some of the recommendations may be inaccurate and could cause your dog to gain weight. The vet will know what is best for your pet.

If your dog does something that you do not like, try to avoid just saying no. To your dog, no doesn't really explain what you want your pup to do. Instead of saying no if your dog is jumping, try to get your dog to sit or lay down. By doing this, you provide your dog with an instruction of what to do.

Teach your dog to be trained, even if you don't plan on devoting a lot of time to special tricks. A dog needs to understand the basic hierarchy of the home and should be prepared to listen and learn throughout his life. Practice the basics like "sit" and "down" in the beginning and introduce something new every once in a while.

If you are not allowed to place a fence in your yard but want your dog to run freely there, consider an electric fence. Electric fences are easy and inexpensive to install, and they can help to keep your free roaming pet safely contained. Using them will require a little training, but they are quite effective if you put the work in.

Determine your dog's specific exercise regimen. Dogs have different fitness needs based their sex, overall health, age, breed mix, or breed. Every dog should have a couple 10-minute walks a day around the block. Dogs between 6 and 18 months, active breed or mixed breeds, terriers, hounds, and herding dogs will most likely require more fitness than others types of dogs.

Check to make sure your dog's collar is adjusted properly by fitting two of your fingers comfortably underneath it and pulling gently. There should be just enough room to do this and no more, otherwise he may be able to wiggle out of it. Always keep it on, except during crate transport, as the collar can get snagged and injure.

Respect your pet. When out on a walk, do not force your dog to interact with other people or animals if he does not want to. There is a reason why your dog may not want to get too close, and it is important that you listen to him. If you try and make him interact, your dog may begin to act out over time.

Keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy with regular brushing. Most canines don't mind you brushing their teeth, provided you introduce them to the process slowly and gently. Use a specially designed dog brush, along with other products made just for him. Remember to provide him with toys and biscuits that will also clean and protect his teeth.

Be prepared to have a lot of patience with your dog during potty-training. Much like children, dogs learn at different speeds and ages and your canine may be slow or stubborn. Have good resources at your fingertips to assist your efforts and remember not to get angry when your dog has "accidents" as that will only impede his progress.

Clean up after your dog when they go to the bathroom in public. Many dog owners let their dog do their business wherever they please whether its on a sidewalk, neighbor's lawn, etc. They can do their business in public, but you must take a bag with you to clean it up when they're done so that it doesn't cause an unsightly and smelly mess for someone else.

Shop carefully for a dog before you get a new one. Make sure that you have taken the time to research the breed and know how much exercise and grooming a new dog will need. If you take the time to choose carefully, you'll find that you are naturally a better match to the dog and both of you are happier.

A great way to have some company on your car rides is to take your dog with you. Most dogs enjoy riding in the car. Riding in the car is also a good place to practice some training exercises with your pet as well. You can practice "stay"u009d when the dog enters and exits the vehicle. Always remember to leave windows down because heat from a closed car can kill the dog.

Be careful with your dog in the summer. Pets tend to overheat, even before humans begin feeling the strain of the hot weather. Make sure they have somewhere shady to hang out during the summer months. Give him water, too. Consult with your vet about the necessity and advisability of sunscreen for your dog.

If you are in the market for purchasing a dog that has been breed you need to make sure that you have every stipulation in writting. For example, if the breeder promises to spay or nueter the pet, you must get that in your contract. Doing this will protect you from any conflict later on.

When you bring a new dog home, the first thing you should do is make sure they'll always be able to get back to you. Invest in a safe collar and a tag that contains both your name and phone number. Most lost dogs don't make it home, but with a good tag, you can be sure yours will.

Did you soak in all of the information presented to you about dogs? If not, take a few moments and reread the tips. Knowing how to care for your dog takes a load off of your mind. Utilize this advice, and you and your dog will have a wonderful relationship.

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