How much it will cost to rent a small office in Dubai for a year

business center in Dubai

The UAE place is of deliberate importance to any business, as it advantage from the central time zone that is considerate to both west and east working hours. In line with this, the UAE, and most specifically Dubai, has turn out to be the preferred place for the regions exports and imports which attract individual in setting up a business in Dubai.

The average cost of Retail shops for rent in Dubai

Outside the free-zone place, you will get office area rent for around 65-80AED per Sq feet. There will also be some extra sponsorship fee and other charges from the authorities, plus the trade license fee.

So if you are thinking of a firm set up in Dubai and planning to rent an office area, the cost is approximately 160aed per square foot or roughly about 240,675AED yearly. That is just about 1 quarter of the average yearly office rent in Hong Kong, the world's most costly city to rent an office and affordable match to the office rental cost in some Asian nations such as Mumbai, Beginning and Singapore.

Freezone vs. Non-Free Zone Area

Outside free-zone you will obtain office area for around 65-80AED per Sq feet. But there is further sponsor ship fee and a list of other charges from the authorities, plus the trade license charges.

And in the free zone (Dubai Technology and Media) it is around 165 AED per sq feet. Expect to find the little office at 700sq feet in size. The license would cost a lowest of 15,000AED per year, and it could go up, based on the activities you would want to add in the license. In this case you would reject the sponsor fee, but you have compulsory insurance for workman compensation, office etc.

You could also look at Fujeriah free Zone or PAK Free Zone, which provide office area to work in places like Dubai Festival City, SZR etc.

Office for rent in Dubai

Dubai is an imminent Middle East business and financial place. Several entrepreneurs and firms, so, pick to establish their offices here. And since owning a property is not forever feasible, renting an office in Dubai is a pretty common place.

Business centers in Dubai

Renting an office in Dubai is a best choice than owning one due to the following reasons:

Owning an office means buying furniture, space, tech equipment, phone lines internet, while rental offices are generally plugged and play, having amenities inbuilt.

You need more workers as you continue to grow your firm. The rented office in Dubai provides you the flexibility to move into an excellent and bigger office area as when required.

Office area is the company's vital asset which needs capital for maintenance. But if a firm invests in renting an office in Dubai, it can maintain more cash because it needs less working capital.

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