Cyclist Awarded $2.4 million in Damages in Dooring Accident

In 2011, college student Ashley McKean was riding down Broad Street in Philadelphia when she was hit by an opening car door, then run over by a van. “The initial contact with the door only caused her thigh to be bruised, and the real injuries occurred from the van,” explains McKean’s attorney, Chris Brill. McKean suffered very serious injuries from the van, including a fractured pelvis and hip, broken tailbone and multiple leg fractures. Mckean is making a recovery, but doctors say she will probably never regain full use of her legs. McKean filed suit in 2012, and it took another year to set a trial date. When the trial finally happened in 2014, the jury awarded her $2.4 million in damages, after six days of testimony. Even with the massive payout, it was sad to see that the jury awarded some blame to McKean herself. The jury awarded 43 percent of the blame to the woman who doored McKean, 36 percent to the van driver who ran her over… and 21 percent to McKean. The van driver suggested that McKean should have rode her bike on the sidewalk to avoid getting hit, a practice the driver didn't realize was illegal practice for anyone younger than 12 or 13 in every state in the US!! “I was surprised they concluded she was at fault at all, but they did return a significant damage award,” Brill says, adding that often juries are forced to compromise slightly to come to one shared conclusion.

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