How to (Politely) Use Chamois Cream

I'm sure most of you are familiar with chamois cream, that amazing lubricant for your bike's true machine. Your legs! We all know this is a necessary item for some, especially on those long rides, but it is a rather strange thing so here are some tips to avoid those awkward interactions when using the stuff. So here are a few tips on how to politely use chamois cream: 1. If Possible, Avoid Eye Contact Putting on chamois cream is awkward enough for cyclists, but for those non-cyclists observing your actions it's even more so. Try to avoid the awkwardness by avoiding eye contact. If avoiding eye contact is too difficult for you...I suggest practicing in a mirror. 2. Clean Up Promptly Let's be honest, chamois cream is a basically leg butter that you spread around the parts of your body that aren't always the cleanest (and best smelling..). Do yourself, and everyone else a favor, and clean off your hands after putting on the cream. Be it wish soap and water, wipes, hand sanitizer, I don't really care, just clean up! And no, wiping your hands on your clothes doesn't clean them... 3. Share Tubes, Not Tubs If you are going to borrow chamois cream, don’t borrow chamois cream from someone who uses a tub. You know at some point she probably double dipped. Use the tub at home, and a tube on the road. 4. Bonus Tip: Don’t Share Shorts This is exactly the same thing as borrowing someone’s underwear—only I guarantee that the cycling shorts you are borrowing have seen more nastiness in their short life than a 10-year-old pair of underpants.

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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