Pharmacy Technician Certification training Online Course

Pharmacy technician certification training online

Pharmacy Technician Advantages

As with any other profession, pharmacy technicians have many benefits. This career offers many benefits, including the ability to start a career right out of school, flexible work hours and a growing job market. This job is not for everyone. There are also high levels of stress and repetitive work. Read the following article to learn more about this career.

Quicker Career Launch:

Some degrees in healthcare can take many years to earn, but you can get a pharmacy technician credential in a shorter time. A certificate program takes 10 months, while an associate program takes two years. The pre-requisite is a high school diploma, or GED.

Flexible Job Opportunities in Various Sectors

There are many opportunities for pharmacy technicians, and not just in the medical field. There are many job openings in the retail pharmacy, grocery store, hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, and mail-order pharmacy. While most pharmacy technicians work full-time, some may even work nights and weekends, there are many convenient options, particularly in retail pharmacies that offer part-time positions. This job is ideal for people who want to balance work and life.

An Opportunity to Help and Social Interaction:

As a part of a healthcare team, you will often work with pharmacists, pharmacy aides and doctors. Working in a team allows for learning and bonds to be formed among team members. You will be able to interact with patients from all walks of life and cultures as a pharmacy tech. It can be a rewarding job because you get to help people with different illnesses.

Certification Recognized in All Countries:

The national pharmacy technician certification is awarded by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), which is administered by the PTCB. It is possible to move to a new location with ease.

Increasing Number of Jobs:

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy technician jobs will increase by 11.83 per cent between 2016 and 2026. The health care sector is immune to recession. This is due to factors such as an aging population and rise in chronic diseases, and the increasing number of people who have their health insurance. This means that there is a greater demand for pharmacist technicians on the job market.

Benefits and Salary:

In some cases, pharmacy techs can earn $8-10 an hour straight out of school. A pharmacy technician's salary package will rise significantly if they are certified and trained. An average hourly wage for a pharmacy technician is $21 An average salary of $33,034, with entry-level candidates earning 22,000, and more experienced workers earning $46,980. You will be offered generous benefits such as health insurance and paid time off. Additionally, reimbursement is available for any costs associated with becoming certified. It is a highly-paying job that requires pharmacy technicians to train.

Career Advancement Scope:

A career as a pharmacy technician can lead to a career in pharmacist. The knowledge and experience gained can help you to become a pharmacist. This also opens up opportunities for other professions, such as non-sterile compounding, specialty in nuclear pharmacy, medical technology, and inventory management. Although this list isn't conclusive, it shows that there are many paths for pharmacy technicians in marketing and business. Some pharmacists have even been promoted to management positions in large healthcare, pharmaceutical, and retail companies.

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