Review of the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i

The latest addition to the family of thin and stylish laptops, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i has all the qualities that can make it a favorite among a generation of students, workmen, and travelers. Combining both form and function, the laptop from this Italian brand offers a user-friendly experience with its sleek design and powerful capabilities. At an affordable price, the thin and small laptop packs all the necessary technology to meet any task thrown at it. At present, the thin design of the laptop is becoming more popular among a younger crowd as it is easier to handle and carries a non-perceptible weight. The slim and light laptop can be carried around without making too much of a noise, even when carrying it in one's backpack or handbag.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i

The ultra-light laptops of today are available with many different types of equipment. This product is no exception. In spite of the leaner structure and smaller keyboard, the slim 3i packs a punch. The laptop comes equipped with a high-speed dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 500-GB hard disk. The two optical drives to help the computer to save time and memory space as well.

The ultra-slim design of the Idea Pad Slim allows the user to easily access the different programs that he requires from the start. The streamlined structure and stylish appearance of these laptops to ensure that they are ideal for students and business professionals who need to work at their computers all day long. All the usual features of laptops like USB ports, full hd display, fast processors, solid-state hard disks, and full optical drives can be found in the Idea Pad Slim. The only accessory that is available with the laptop is the pen stand. Unlike other models, the slim 3i does not come with a pen dock. This is because the laptop does not come with a mouse or any other additional accessories.

The IdeaPad slim 3i offers users with a choice between a keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard offers a full-QWERTYQWERTY keyboard functionality and includes the standard Windows key shortcuts. For those who want to use the touchpad, the laptop comes with a smooth glass touchpad. The on-screen keys are responsive and have large textured areas for navigation. The laptop comes with dual speakers complete with aluminum speakers for great sound quality.

The Idea Pad Slim comes with software that is exclusive to this model, along with the standard warranty provided by Lenovo. It is available in several markets across the world including the US, UK, China, Malaysia, Korea, and Taiwan. The price of the Idea Pad Slim is around $300 in the US but could be much higher if bought in the high street. The lower price will give you better quality for the money that you spend. The slim and sleek design of the Idea Pad is sure to become a favorite of many, with its powerful performance and beautiful looks.

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