Field Notes: Why This Collection?

I've decided to start this collection about taking good field notes as an anthropologist, and the methodology that goes into doing so. Some of you might ask: why? Can't we just learn this in class? Shouldn't we study this in school? Yes; yes we should. But in many undergraduate anthropology programs, there is less time being spent on field note methodology and more time spent on theory, case studies, etc. In the anthro classes I took last term, as well as the class I'm taking this summer, I'm getting a bit frustrated! It's good and fine to learn all about the ideas of some anthropologists, but the books and my professors constantly reference the fact that "such and such was able to consult their field notes to figure out what the connection was" or other such observations. But how did they record those field notes? What goes into good field notes? How can we prepare to take good field notes? None of these topics have been covered beyond the basic "field notes are good" speech. How can we fix this? And so, I decided to take some time and learn about field notes on my own! I want to do an honors study degree with my major, and that will require me doing field research. I want to be prepared to do that research well! I'm going to share what I learn about field notes in this collection, and try to gather as much information as possible! If there's anything about field notes you'd like to learn, please mention it here in the comments or in a message to me and I'll see what I can share :) View the whole collection here!:

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