5 Out-of-the-Ordinary Ways To Improve Your Skin Starting Today

Your skin is the largest organ of your body comprising just over 20 square feet for the average adult. The skin protects your body and as a result, it takes the brunt of the elements. As you age, damage to your skin from the sun, pollution and the passage of time becomes evident. If you want to retain softer and more youthful-looking skin, you need to take care of it. Luckily, skincare doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five out-of-the-ordinary ways you can improve your skin starting today.

1. Sweat It Up

One of the best ways to get into a routine of taking care of your skin is as easy as working up a good sweat. As you already know, sweat is the body's way of cooling itself, but it also flushes certain toxins from the body. Sweat binds to bacteria on the skin helping to eliminate them and preventing infection. However, don't let sweat sit for too long on your skin as it will eventually clog pores or instigate a breakout. While it's good for your skin to sweat, just remember to shower relatively soon afterward!

2. Bask in Red Light

Joovv light before and after

3. Use a Washcloth

start using a washcloth

4. Make a Coffee Scrub

exfoliate your entire body

5. Improve Gut Health

One way of bettering your skin that's off the beaten path is by looking at your gut health. Your intestinal tract is filled with billions of bacteria of both the good and bad variety. These bacteria need to be in balance for a healthy body and they're easily disrupted by things such as a poor diet, smoking, stress and antibiotics. When your gut is out of whack, not only may you experience digestive problems and allergies, but also skin issues. In other words, conditions like inflammation, dry skin and breakouts might be rooted in your gut. Seeing a doctor and supplementing with probiotics could be the key to healthier and better-looking skin.

If you're looking for solutions to improve your skin, it pays to try a few unique ideas instead of always going mainstream. By boosting your gut health, working up a sweat and immersing yourself in the comforting glow of red light, you can answer your skin's call to greater health starting today.

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